Custom means… listening to the customer.

About Mike Barton, Cabinet Maker

I started my career in 1990, apprenticing for Steve Cook for 5 years before setting up my own shop. Since then, I've done a wide range of cabinetry projects: kitchens, home libraries, pantries, nooks, wardrobes, display and entertainment units. My cabinets have the quality look of handmade rather than the modular look found with store bought cabinets.

My approach to cabinetry is to keep it simple. I want your cabinets to be accessible in the way that you'd find most useful. There are many details to this work. What are your needs and constraints? Do you have a particular style in mind? I provide practical, aesthetic suggestions and examples of previous work that may be applicable to the task at hand. Through consultation, design and revision a final design emerges.

I specialize in designs that offer ease of use and durability. I want your cabinets to look like they were meant for your space, echoing themes it possesses, or themes you would like it to possess.

What I most enjoy about cabinetry is collaborating with the homeowner to achieve a finished product that looks good, functions well and stands the test of time while adding beauty to your home.